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Crush Crush took Steam by storm last spring in May when it launched.

The comedic dating sim also received a new cheat trainer update to accommodate the changes made to the game.

So there’s no an added incentive to play through the story mode again, if you haven’t completed it yet or you want a reason to replay it.

In addition to the new content, they also fixed some typos, fixed some asset issues, removed the holiday theme and fixed some other issues as well.

It seemed like a pretty ridiculous game – going around town and clicking to win the hearts of lovelies while building a harem – but it turned out to be quite popular when it landed on Steam.

The first time you do this if you can avoid getting hit you get ruppees and when all the monsters are gone a peice of heart. The last step is to go to the property and sell them. You can add new a Sim for a cheaper amount if you follow the following steps. Get the relationship status of the two Sims (one male and one female) you already moved in to partner. Go to the house of the other sim and sell all of their rooms. Although the Sims is a server based game, the time of the game can be altered using the device. The next step is to click on the patch and then the option ‘Bell Peppers’. The ‘Bell peppers’ are available for free and they only take 30 seconds to grow and earn simoleons. However, this cheat will help you to tackle this annoying issue. You’ll have to make sure that each of the sims you have called is free from task.As for the game update, Sad Panda Studios made the announcement over on the Steam community page around Valentine’s Day.They added two new girls that will literally alter the outcome of the storyline, as well as a special Nutaku exclusive girl who was at one point only available to those who purchased the 18 version of the game.

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You can earn easy money by following these following steps. It is advisable to make your Simoleons available and make them do this again and again.

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