Updating oab

Updating oab

Example: DB1 hosts the Organization Mailbox and has copies on servers Exch1 and Exch2. The following command can be used to activate DB1 on Exch2 and therefore make it the OAB generation server: Move-Active Mailbox Database DB1 -Activate On Server Exch2 Note: Review guidelines mentioned in “Placement of Organization Mailbox” below before changing the OAB Generation server.

Information of some important fields from the log file: The log file can be imported in Excel for better readability.The following example creates OAB for address list named “Global Address List FAB” New-Offline Address Book -Name OAB-FAB -Address Lists “Global Address List FAB” The arbitration mailboxes in Exchange Server 2013 are assigned certain “Persisted capability” that defines the purpose/function of the arbitration mailbox.An arbitration mailbox with Persisted Capability “Organization Capability OABGen” is responsible for OAB generation.Creating a new Organization Mailbox is a two step process: Step1: Create a new arbitration mailbox New-Mailbox -Arbitration -Name “OAB Seattle” -Database DB2Seattle -User Principal Name [email protected]–Display Name “OAB Mailbox for Seattle” Step2: Enable OABGen capability Set-Mailbox -Arbitration oabs -OABGen $true -Max Send Size 1GB Note: Review guidelines mentioned in “Placement of Organization Mailbox” below before creating additional organization mailboxes.The OAB Generation till Exchange Server 2010 was based on a “Schedule” set on OAB properties.

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Restarting this service generates all OAB’s defined in the environment on a specific mailbox server, if it’s hosting an active organization mailbox.

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