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Updating a sequence

If unspecified, the old cache value will be maintained.

option causes the sequence to be associated with a specific table column, such that if that column (or its whole table) is dropped, the sequence will be automatically dropped as well.

The sequence tables of the sample upgrade package are the same as in the original product.

In Oracle, you can create an autonumber field by using sequences.

A list of links to firmware downloads can be found at BIOS Upgrade Downloads for most Thinkpad models. This requires that you have a DHCP and tftp server configured and setup properly on your network, and is probably not for the faint of heart.

This results in a "gap" in the assigned sequence values.

When the system comes back up, Oracle will cache new numbers from where it left off in the sequence, ignoring the so called "lost" sequence values.

It's unknown if a boot image can be extracted from it. On the X22, it worked with ECP 1.30 but not with BIOS 1.32 Lenovo recommends reseting your BIOS settings to their factory defaults after a firmware update.

You may need to try different packages to find the one from which you can extract a boot image. Also, please consider updating the List of DMI IDs after updating your BIOS.

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You must read the Lenovo website and/or files to confirm which BIOS is compatible with which ECP, and the order in which to update them. (This will destroy the data on it, of course.) Acquire a pure DOS boot cd such as Windows 98 recovery CD and boot that.

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