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Republicans have fought to keep language in the state's penal code making "deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex" a misdemeanor charge.

As late as last year, 12 other states had not purged their anti-sodomy laws.

This is especially bad news for Alabama's queer people of color, as the state has the nation's sixth highest rate of hate crimes, many of which are racially motivated.

When it comes to being unfriendly to LGBT people, Texas' cities have the rest of America beat by a country mile.

The Heart of Dixie has five cities, including Birmingham and Mobile, that rank as among the worst for LGBT people, all scoring below a 10.

(Those cities average a scary 5.6.) In Alabama, only 32 percent of citizens are in favor of marriage equality, two percentage points less than Mississippi (only Arkansas and Louisiana rank lower).

As just 34 percent of the state's population believes in the freedom to marry, Silver estimates that the Mississippi electorate wouldn't get around to it for another decade or so.

In addition, a survey from the showed that the state has almost no protections for LGBT people, outright banning marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples.

The index looks at such factors as employment non-discrimination, transgender inclusive health benefits, and anti-bullying efforts in schools."We see in the South historic racism that's more entrenched – not that there's not racism everywhere else.You can't separate these issues out." Here is a researched list of the worst states for LGBT Americans.Some of the states on this list will be no-brainers; others might surprise you.According to electoral wunderkind Nate Silver, Mississippi will likely be the last state in the country to pass marriage equality on its own.

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"The ruling was a significant setback," says Advocate news director Sunnivie Brydum. When you paint the entire community as this monolith, you end up reducing it to a caricature that doesn't reflected the lived reality or the diversity of issues that face a community." So where do LGBT people have it worst?

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