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Synchrony dual optic accommodating lens

During natural accommodation, the optical power of the crystalline lens increases along with an increase in negative spherical aberration.The new generation dual-optic IOL is designed to mimic the spatially variant characteristics of natural accommodation and to further improve the near benefit provided by the dual-optic IOL.Design and clinical performance of the parent dual-optic accommodating IOL (Synchrony) have been discussed in detail in previous publications, including improved near vision, reading ability, and long-term performance.A next generation, aspheric version of the dual-optic IOL (Synchrony Vu; Abbott Medical Optics Inc.) was developed to further mimic the optical changes in the eye during natural accommodation.They are supported by 9.5 mm long haptic structures extending along opposite directions.

Conclusion: The new aspheric Synchrony Vu accommodating IOL provided good visual performance at a range of distances without affecting quality of vision and with minimal safety considerations.A total of 148 eyes of 74 patients binocularly implanted with the Synchrony Vu IOL were followed up for a period of 6 months.The study was a feasibility study to evaluate the safety and visual performance of this new dual-optic accommodating IOL in a consecutive series of patients.Results: Clinical data at 6 months showed 89% of the eyes within ±1.0 D spherical equivalent refraction.Mean binocular uncorrected and distance-corrected visual acuity was 20/20 at far (0.00±0.11 log MAR and -0.06±0.08 log MAR, respectively), 20/20 at intermediate (0.01±0.13 log MAR and -0.01±0.10 log MAR, respectively), and 20/25 at near (0.10±0.14 log MAR and 0.14±0.15 log MAR, respectively).

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The IOL Synchrony Vu (model SYNC-200) is a single-piece silicone IOL intended for use following cataract extraction.

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