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In Goes to Jail, Madea was about to get sent to jail, but was reluctantly released by Judge Mablean after learning the arresting officers did not read the Miranda rights warning when she was arrested (as the officers claimed that Madea was fighting with them), so she finally admits that her license was suspended indefinitely (implying that her license was suspended when she was 30 years old) and also gets ordered to anger management counseling, making it the very last opportunity for her to avoid jail.

She, however, began driving as soon as Cora neglected her daughterly duties.

In Family Reunion, she violated the terms of house arrest by taking off her house arrest bracelet but was given the opportunity to avoid jail by becoming a foster mother.

In Meet the Browns, Madea didn't pay for her gas, which leads her into a high-speed car chase with law enforcement officials.

Madea's brother Joe (also played by Perry) refers to her as a "po-po ho", meaning someone who is a professional at evading law enforcement.

Scurrilous and saucy in remarks and behavior, Madea is full of comical sass and vulgar, abusive language.

For example, the character has four general methods of attack: In regards to her gun use, Madea just shoots around targets, using intimidation as opposed to ever actually killing or injuring anyone.Madea has a lifelong criminal record that began at age 9 with a charge of petty theft.It is also reported that Madea was charged with her first felony at this age, and her crimes began progressing to illegal gambling at age 18, which later evolved into check fraud, identity theft, insurance fraud (presumably related to her nine deceased husbands), assault, and attempted murder, vehicle theft (mostly Lexus vehicles, the first vehicle she ever stole being a 1992 Lexus LS400), smashing into other vehicles on roads (as she did to 1 Toyota Camry Hybrid, 1 Honda Civic, and 4 Lexus IS's with her Cadillac, and the Cadillac CTS with her daughter's Chevrolet Uplander), and forklifting vehicles out of parking spaces (usually for taking spaces that she wants to park at, as she did to many Camrys and Scions, as well as a Pontiac Solstice that she ruined in Madea Goes to Jail). In Diary of a Mad Black Woman alone, Madea and her granddaughter Helen Mc Carter were both charged with "criminal trespassing, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a handgun, assault with a deadly weapon, [driving on a] suspended license, expired registration, reckless driving, and a broken taillight", which placed Madea on house arrest, while her granddaughter was bailed for ,000.Madea is mentally strong and offers nurturing advice to struggling individuals whom she cares for. Joe is, however, usually found in the living room, smoking in his chair.Madea has a series of pet peeves: disrespectful youth, Gum popping, rude people; lazy people; adulterous people; and "people who are just plain stupid." She is also a firm critic of men that sag their pants, believing that it looks cheap and sloppy. Madea cherishes her gold 1970 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, which she keeps parked on the street in front of her house.

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Madea was brought up in poverty and grew up living in shacks with her immediate family.

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