Radical feminist dating

I don’t want to let the rationalization that “if he wants me, he’ll do something about it” disable my decision-making. I realize that it’s going to take me more than a night to unlearn all of the gender roles I’ve been socialized into, but this is a start.

However, even after all of this boiling in me for months, it's still a process.

Check the American stats: most people have non-marital sex and most children are born out of wedlock. Why would a man buy milk when the cows believe they are “empowered” by giving away free milk every weekend?

Feminism is the belief that the female sex is (meaning each and every woman) most happy, liberated, and fulfilled outside of the traditional (and biological) role of wife and mother.

However, when it comes to conversation and behavior, the fiery feminist takes a backseat to the alluring, docile woman most men expect me to be.

I’m speaking for myself, but I know that there are other feminists that make exceptions in their love lives as well.They claim that Feminism is about equality, but it’s not.Rather, Feminism is about transforming the definition of in light of technological advances that allow for sexual intercourse to be separated from the conception of babies.I want to get a feminist fist tattoo on my bicep and show it off in sleeveless dresses on first dates.I want to stop hiding a huge part of who I am in hopes of revealing it only after I’ve convinced a guy I’m cool enough despite being a feminist (as if it’s even a bad character trait) and believe that I should only invest time in the pathetically small pool of men who are down with feminism and move on from there.

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Before I get into all of the stupid shit I conform to, I’ll put a disclaimer that you might vomit while reading this list of complacency.

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