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“When you look at your pictures, it hurts,” he says. National Team, and everybody in prison – the deputies, the inmates, the doctor – knows it.

"If you’ve got ‘em up on the wall, you’d look at them all day, and you don’t want to hurt all day long.” But the soccer games; that’s something different, that’s a distraction. Megan, known as “Pinoe,” has platinum blonde hair; Brian has a mohawk.

If he walked around shirtless, Megan walked around shirtless. Brian has battled drug addiction since then – first meth, then pills, then heroin and has been in and out of prison his entire adult life.

“There’s no other heartbreak that I’ve ever been through like that,” says Rapinoe.

It’s kind of incredible what they were able to do for us.” “Any time I have a sense of accomplishment, it totally feels likes it’s a family thing, like we all did it.” Both twins went to the University of Portland on soccer scholarships and won the 2005 national championship.

After a knee injury, Rachael’s playing career ended, but she’s stayed in the game, running camps for kids (Rapinoe Soccer Camps) and is a Darfur United Coach Ambassador, working in Chad to help create a soccer academy within Darfur’s refugee camp.

“The only thing my mom knows about soccer is how to paint soccer balls on her fingernails.” But she went out there and tried anyway.

Brian’s tattoos creep up his neck, behind his ears, down his arms, chest and back.

He’s not doing the things that he’s doing in order to hurt us – that’s just a byproduct. With no regard to any of them.” “Watching what Brian went through scared the crap out of Rachel and me and brought us together,” says Rapinoe.

It took me a long time to wrap my head around that.” Brian reflects, “Drugs make you selfish. I didn’t steal, didn’t mess with anyone, so what are you guys tripping on? For both Rachael and Megan, soccer was a release, “That was how we got away from it.” They both excelled on the field and stayed out of trouble and away from the drugs that are common in rural California.

“All my homeboys – black, white, Hispanic, everybody – we cheer loud.” Currently, Brian, a non-violent offender, is serving the remainder of his sentence in a county jail. He sits on the book column and watches the game through the window in his door. Women’s National Team will introduce the kit at the 2017 She Believes Cup taking place from March 1-7, and the Men’s National Team will first don the new uniform on March 24 in its critical World Cup qualifying match against Honduras in San Jose, California.

Because he was active in prison culture in his early prison days, and has an influence over other inmates, he’s kept separate from the general population. All sixteen inmates on his block will be watching; so will the guards. National Team kit, featuring a bold red color palette with the lightweight mobility and engineered breathability of Nike Aero Swift technology.

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They write each other letters.“She’s the only one who can write me letters that make me cry,” says Brian.

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