How to stop dating jerks gabe saporta dating erin fetherston

How to stop dating jerks

So basically, it was an excuse to treat me like I was a moron for 30 minutes.”“Weirdest dick alert: Danny Glover.I was once doing a shoot at Sundance with all these younger stars and he somehow got thrown in the mix. He was in a bad mood and very gruff and just plain mean.” [Editor’s note: Danny Glover is totally a jerk.When I saw him, I made my roommate come up with me to give it to him.He totally kept looking down at his computer while we stood there for two minutes and Paul Rudd was sitting next to him kinda laughing and acknowledged us.I never ate another Pudding Pop after that.”“I met Kim Stolz from “America’s Next Top Model” at a party and she couldn’t have been a bigger snot.I got into the elevator at the same time as her and her friend and they both ignored me, even as we walked up to the same apartment door together.He punched my friend, who’s an AP photographer, in the face.]“Nicole Richie was awful to me, and this was before she had the big “makeover.” She was a rude beyotch and brought her little dogs to the shoot and gave the shortest answers possible. After it was done, I was like, “What’s your name again?”“The douchiest celeb I ever met was Michael Showalter.

”“I am bummed to say it, but Bill Cosby was a colossal prick to me.

s journalists, lots of us Frisky staffers have met celebrities—either when we’re interviewing them, or out at industry parties and events. After the jump, find out who we put in the latter category and why. She or someone in her entourage must have been taking some candles home every day and then insisting that they needed replacements.”“Michael Pitt is a creepy douche.

Many of these folks are amazing and cool, normal people who you forget are famous within two minutes. And let’s just say that some of them (Ryan Gosling? I went to his apartment to interview him and am fairly certain I walked in on some sort of drug deal.

’ I said something awkward about cuddling with pillows silk-screened with his face on them and tripped when we scurried away.”“My old roommate hangs around with Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter and Steve Aoki and they’re both incredibly douchey.

Mark always has a teenage girlfriend who he feeds booze until he can take crotch shot pictures.

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When I told him I was not some weirdo fan, but a member of the production staff he said, ‘I bet you are.’ And started laughing with his friends.”“The jerkiest celeb I ever met will break Amelia’s heart—Ryan Gosling.

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