Dondria and bow wow dating

Dondria and bow wow dating

She recorded popular male R&B songs that included verses by herself, turning them into duets. It debuted at #43, with first week sales of 422, which is notable since she was discovered off You Tube.The Mixtape was released in order to promote, Dondria's single You're The One which dropped a few weeks later. The official debut single for her album "You're The One" was released on November 23, 2009. Her second single was titled "Shawty Wus Up" which features label-mate Johnta Austin and Diamond.It is unclear if the record will be released as a mixtape single, or the first offering from a brand new studio album.

On her debut single, Dondria sang of a boy who she just couldn’t stop thinking about.[Intro: Bow Wow] Haha, listen You know I do it for the ladies Lambourghini Moss (vrooom) And uh see, I done had my share with the right but um..Look there's something about you baby Got me going crazy And that's my lady, yeahhh, Haha [Verse 1: Bow Wow] Look, it's like this girl got me going all out I got a few sick days, yeah ima call out Scoop shorty, hit the mall, then we ball out Catch a movie, grab a bite, then fall out I got her spoiled rotten She keep a dog droppin' The latest wear she rockin' Gotta get tour poppin' (fresh) It was more shockin' Them hores at the door knocking And word for a second my g shock went She in them pumps, not them reeboks kid The only time we fight is on the wii boxin' I don't even keep up with how many g's I spend Usually I keep a safe but the key locked in But she a new type, maybe a new wife, Maybe the one I settle with in a new life I gotta see, it's moving fast right now I needa have a conversation with Shad and Bow Wow Cause ahhh.. [Bow Wow] Like dadadada like this girl [Verse 2:] I guess im kinda open Just sitting here hoping that what we shared is more than a joke and..reported the single will be a track entitled "Ol School Love", and featuring Da Brat.Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.

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