Dating advice for mothers

Dating advice for mothers

Instead of telling him to take a long hike to Bed, Bath & Beyond (or whatever Russian equivalent of it), my mom would go to the bedroom, undo the covers, and fluff my father’s pillow to make it look nice and accommodating.I often thought that my mother was crazy to put up with my father’s silly demands and to tend to him as though he was a teething two-year-old.Chris, 12, Alabama » When I was young and dating men, my mom always told me to watch how my boyfriends treated their mothers. Ten guys spill the #1 piece of advice they learned from their moms when it comes to love.

For, we have all grown up on the wisdoms and advice of our moms.

Who really teaches you how to date and how to be in love?

That's the question I often find myself asking after I've brought up politics or spilled an entire glass of water all over myself on a first, maybe even second, date.

My mother almost never gives me dating advice, fearing that her guidance will steer me in the wrong direction and cost me the potential love of my life.

Having married my father at the age of 23, she feels that she has little understanding of the modern dating world and all the crazies it has to offer (needless to say, this blog is a perennial question mark in her mind).

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And they do that so well, that you eventually become numb from doing anything. And some will just casually remind us, as we're on the way to work on a Friday morning, that no matter what, it's important to find someone who makes you happy. )As women, we're often so curious what's rolling around inside a guy's minds — so I decided to sneak in for a moment, and ask 10 of them to tell me the #1 piece of advice they learned from their moms when it comes to dating, love, or successful relationships. "My mom gave me advice when I had my first heartbreak at 20. "My mom was big on 'if you're in a relationship; you're part of a team.' So you need to learn to compromise and understand that it's not just about you, anymore. If you want to be a good boyfriend or husband, you need to put their needs ahead of yours. Jen Glantz is the author of All My Friends Are Engaged, a book of dating disaster stories.

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