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All in all, the earliest Americans more closely resemble modern peoples of Africa, Australia and the Southern Pacific Rim.

These people then migrated southward into North America sometime after 17,000 years ago. However, despite widespread support for the idea that the earliest Americans are the ancestors of modern Native Americans, the ancestry of the first people to inhabit the Americas was long debated, because the face and head features of the oldest-known American skeletons do not look much like those of modern Native Americans.Then they swim along 200 feet (60 m) of tunnel to the pit rim before making a final 100-foot (30 m) drop.The divers are the astronauts of this project; we scientists are their mission control." Divers first discovered Hoyo Negro in 2007 during their exploration of underwater caves in the region.The ancient skeleton of a teenage girl found in an underwater cave in Mexico may be the missing link that solves the long-standing mystery behind the identity of the first Americans, researchers say.These findings, the first time researchers have been able to connect an early American skeleton with modern Native American DNA, suggest the earliest Americans are indeed close relatives of modern Native Americans, scientists added.

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The floor disappeared under us, and we could not see across to the other side." "We pointed our lights down and to the sides — all we could see was darkness," Nava recalled.

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