Dating a girl with the same birthday

Dating a girl with the same birthday

For me the "ick" factor ends at second cousin or greater.No and it wouldn't bother me to date a distant cousin either.If you know you're not related to the person, I don't know why it would bother anybody. I have yet to actually date someone with it, but it would rather significantly reduce the potential dating pool if I eliminated them as a class.Well, for a start it gives everyone the opportunity to joke about how you're soooo going to marry him when you go on the first date, as I found out last week ;) I think it would bother me if a guy shared my maiden name, even if I knew logically he was no relation of mine and didn't show up on the family tree, it would still be likely that we shared a great-great-great-etc-grandad at some point in the past. *laughs*My answer is kind of the opposite of ryan's.The ones in my age group would be my first cousins...which is far too closely related for dating, IMO.I would just think it was kind of a neat coincidence, the same as if we had the same birthday.(I ask this purely out of curiosity.) In more than half the states it is legal to marry your 1st cousin.And its not all the stereotypical states you might think. Both of them found it amusing during introductions.

I'm pretty sure that I'm related to all of the Bodonis in America.First cousins - a little squicky, but even then there's no real genetic reason no to marry. My name doesn't sound like it would be rare, but I've never met or heard of anyone I'm not related to that has it. And what, there's no one who'll admit to having had a thing for incest?A second cousin, epecially one I did not grow up close to? In fact I used to have a crush on one of my second cousins, a beautiful redhead. Never mind being a distant relative, I'd be extremely weirded out to date someone that even looked anything like me. My last name is one of the most common surnames in the English language, so it's really bot a big deal. Yes, for the purposes of this poll, if someone's divorced, dating their ex doesn't count. I'd have thought the board that came up with the pan-fried semen thread would have been more unconventional that this ;)Maybe I have a high tolerance for taboo, but even if I knew she was a second- or third-cousin it wouldn't bother me. Yea, I'm kind of surprised by the number of people here that it would bother because of the possibility of it being a distant relative.My last name (or at least my family's spelling of it) is rare to the point that I've never met anyone to whom I wasn't related who spelled it the same way I do. In fact, the idea that it might be incest never crossed my mind. My maiden name was extremely rare, dating someone with the same name would definitely be out of the question.If I met a woman with the exact same last name as me, it would take a while to convince me we weren't related in some way. Through the wonders of the Internet, I now know that there is a branch of my family in Argentina who spell my surname the same way as my cousins do. If my name was Jones or something, though, I'd be OK with it assuming we were sure we weren't closely related. My maiden name also was extremely rare, but after I had determined that we were not related to any significant degree, it wouldn't bother me. Assuming that I was single, yes, it would, if it was my birth name.

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How close do you have to be, blood-wise, before incest can successfully be invoked under the law?

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