Cathloic christain dating service

Cathloic christain dating service

Where Christianity encompasses all churches and sects, Catholics believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the supreme authority on Earth and that God speaks through the pope.Many Christians have different interpretations of the Bible and are free to accept or reject individual teachings.All Christians believe in canon law and the Ten Commandments, but Catholics also follow papal law, believing that God speaks through the pope on matters of dogma and that the pope’s authority comes through the succession of Peter, the first pope.Catholics confess their sins to a priest, but most other sects of Christianity do not require anything more than confessing to God.

The difference between Catholic and Christian can be demonstrated from their beliefs.

The Catholics follow a much more formal service with the Liturgy being the most important part of the Catholic Mass.

The Mass is the same in all Catholic churches and is established by the Church in Rome. Sunday is generally the day for most Christians to gather for communal worship because it is the day God rested and the day Jesus was resurrected.

The Roman Catholic Church is built on the belief that Jesus established His church with Peter as its head and every pope since is a successor to Peter.

The pope is considered the supreme authority on all matter by Catholics.

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Catholics and Christians do share many of the same beliefs, the most important one being that Christ gave his life on the Cross to save us from sin, but the difference between Catholic and Christian comes with different interpretations of what the Bible teaches us.

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