Brittany daniel dating wayans diesel jeans model dating christopher titus

Brittany daniel dating wayans

Here's my take on the situation Y does black man wait 2 get wealth 'n acquire a white woman, is she denoting affluence/influence 4 him or what what is that all about? Wayans for picking this fine speciment of a woman!!!The woman look like they came out of a bad trailer park on the hood of his car 'n his decides to put her 'n the front seat 4 prosperity. Ms Daniels is fine as they come lawd have mercy!!!!!!!You are just another black man downing a black woman and giving praise to others when that isn't rignt.Who are you to put all black woman into catergories like the white man did in slavery time and tear us down.

Who died and left you the master on why black woman are dysfunctional according to you.Don't throw that race card at me because i don' t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out but i have biracial children by a man that is just as poor as me. Interracial dating doesn't have to be an assault on black women.Achieving status doesn't mean you say fuck your black women for a cracker Or maybe he just got out of a marriage and is having fun. Yes, there are times when some black people do it for weird reasons but sometimes,'s just a dude f'ing a chick.Yes there are some black women who have issues and there are great black women out there as well.So while you out there bashing black women and why the way they are put your 2cents on some of the bum ass men out there. y is that not good enough for the wealthy blk man ??? because a romantic relationship and the relationship you have with your female family members IS NOT THE SAME THING. Im guessing that men like Keenan dont want kids that have the same "issues" or struggles (be they perceived or real) as their female family members.

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Just cause she black GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, DATE A WOMAN CAUSE SHE LOVES YOU AND WILL LET YOU BE A MANNNNN IN THE HOUSEHOLDDDDDD. And just cause a woman gave birth and raised you don't mean she did it the right way and was the best mother. Travel this world, you will see that women can have cultural differences but in the end we're all emotional and no one is better than the next. Some woman, probably your mother, aunt, grandma...Black woman really phucked your head, mind, and soul completely up.

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