Bones dating earlier than the bible

Bones dating earlier than the bible

This matches what we see from the archaeological record.

A paper titled ‘The Camel in Ancient Egypt’ stated, “The proposed time of camel entry into Egypt after its domestication in Arabia was found between 25 BC”.domesticated camels in Arabia and Egypt in Abraham’s day.

So, like with many areas, they don't have the evidence wrong, but they are interpreting it wrongly. It is sad that some scholars of Old Testament history are those whom C. Lewis would describe as persons claiming to be able to see fern seed when it is plain that they cannot see elephants at ten yards away!

I enclose a section about camels from a article I have compiled 'Archaeology confirms the Bible' The word ‘camel’ appears 23 times in the book of Genesis.

However, the evidence to disprove this spurious claim existed long before this latest argument was put forward.

The lesson from this and similar stories is clear: the Bible is reliable and trustworthy, and any evidence that seems to call the biblical record into question will, when interpreted accurately, fit with the Bible’s historical record.

For one thing, perhaps they weren’t yet common enough in Canaan to leave the sort of evidence that the study was looking for.

If they were relegated to a few princes wealthy enough to import exotic pack animals, then we wouldn’t their bones to be all over the place.

So why would there be no evidence of camels in Canaan for nearly 1,000 years?

You cite a single paper in support of the biblical text and your favoured dating and conclude therefore that "this fits the biblical account perfectly", as if the argument were already concluded.

You then try to explain away the discrepancy which now would only appear discrepant (as you have already concluded the debate in your favour) by stating that "perhaps..." and "wouldn't expect..."; that "it is common... All in all, what you have definitely not done is disproven by way of actual original research and evidence of your own the claims made in the original paper. Daniel, this is a lay-level article written in answer to over a dozen questions we received in a short period about this find.

What I wrote was of a higher quality than the news reports that you'll find about this, which is a fairer standard than judging it against technical papers, which this was never intended to be.

In any case, you haven't disputed the central points of my article which are 1) camels ...continuing on the actual research: 1.

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There have been many news stories in the past weeks suggesting that an archaeological discovery proves error in Genesis, because domesticated camels were not in the Levant (Canaan/Israel and the surrounding area) until after King David’s time.

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