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If you haven’t had an opportunity to stop by the Facebook group, I would encourage you to do so.I’ve met some of the most awesome people through it.We’ve already got a name picked out for her (some blog readers know it) but for the rest of you, we’ll keep it a surprise.In the coming months I’m sure you’ll probably be hearing from me first-hand about parenting issues in a multi-cultural relationship.Suddenly, he meets this woman who’s divorced with not one but TWO kids and his world is turned topsy turvy. Not when his pockets went from supporting a family of one to a family of four virtually overnight.I don’t think I could have handled such dramatic changes as gracefully and as lovingly as M. …not when we’ve had to cancel or change plans because of a sick child or childcare issues…and not when the kids have us both strung out to the max.My dear sweet hubby had been a bachelor for 38 years when we married.He was accustomed to doing what he wanted, how he wanted and when he wanted with no regards to anyone else.

Originally, he said he wanted the baby’s sex to be a surprise but as excitement built once I knew, he caved in and wanted to know.

Ultimately, we decided to settle back here in the deep south of the U. but I wouldn’t trade those months in India for anything in the world.

Not only did I learn so much about my honey’s beautiful culture but my children forged an unbreakable bond with the man they now affectionately call “papa.” After all of these years, I can finally openly admit I was secretly “auditioning” the ready-made family thing with M.

It’s a matriarchal society and as my sister-in-law said “girls are special.” At first I was slightly annoyed that people would ask such a brazen question but then I began to look at it from a different angle. Generally, in Keralan culture babies are named only after the baby arrives and there is a baby naming ceremony.

I realized that part of me felt relief that they asked as opposed to continuing to carry around incorrect assumptions about what was “normal” in Indian culture and what was not. The whole purpose of my starting this blog was to give a glimpse of what life is really like for mixed culture relationships like ours. I guess you long time blog readers know that we don’t do anything the typical way.

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We had temporarily put our lives on hold to move to India in order for me to work on a media project and to spent time in M’s country.

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