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There you have access to the object via the Event Args. New Object or something like that You can cast this property into the corresponding type and make your changes.This tutorial shows how we can use the Form View control to display data from a SQL database, and also allow adding, updating and deletion of this data.For more information, see Script Exploits Overview.I'm missing something here, but I've stared at it too long to see it. List View Update Event Args) Handles Employee List View. I think this is because the Item Updating event fires before the List View updates the record. I tightened up Item Command, and it's now working as expected. Edit Index = -1 Get Data() End Sub The problem is that "employee Id" is coming back with the original value in the text box, not what the user entered. :) Found it - I had code in the Item Command event that was handling other events, but it was doing the Get Data() at the end regardless of the command, so basically the data was being refreshed right before the Item Updating event fired.I've got a simple List View, with the typical Edit/Update/Cancel buttons. Item Updating Dim account Id = CType(Employee List View. You probably want to put this code in the Item Updated event instead.

If it's bound via Linq Data Source, Sql Data Source or Object Data Source I suggest you have a look at the Updating Event.The problem is that I can't seem to access the values of the controls on the editing row. Item Updating Dim Drop Down Listddl As Drop Down List = List View. The following snipped uses two way binding to populate the name and student fields and it will also update them for you.the Edit Template contains a few checkboxes, a dropdown and textbox. If you are not using a datasource that supports this you can do one other thing. I need to access the values of the controls on the item that is leaving editmode, thus firing Item Updating. Selected Value End Sub There are two ways I can think to do this.I found how to get the key value so I know which record in the database I have to update. The first way would be to use a datasource that supports an update command and using two way binding to up date the values.

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property is set to "Update".) This enables you to perform a custom routine whenever this event occurs, such as canceling the update operation.

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