Asian dating game

Asian dating game

Must admit that as a 5ft nothing person, everyone is taller than me but don't think I ever realised that the average height of an Asian man is as high as it is.Looking forward to hearing your views on age-ism I don't think this is just to do with the Asian community, many people are fussed about the height and age of a partner, including westerners, so let's not just blame this on Asians.If I consider my Western peers, in my experience they're just not as hung up about age and height in the same way as Asians.So how did these prejudices arise, and how are they potentially influencing your search for a partner?

I challenged them all with the following question: Having asked this question over the last year, I observed that on average one-third of the women were willing to compromise on height if he was a good match.Taking an average of the two, arguably it would be reasonable to conclude that 5'7 is probably the average height of an Indian male in the UK.You may disagree but the next time you're out, look out for Asian men on the tubes, shops, bars, restaurants and you'll probably discover that this estimate is not far off.Part of this mentality stems from the era of arranged marriages.Traditionally, women were married off at a young age to older men because their role was to be a mother & homemaker, whilst their husband's role was to be the breadwinner.

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How can we claim to have a good East-West balance and be open-minded, when we're blindly following customs like this?

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