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As a result, Chad goes out and buys the rubber suit.Present Hayden confronts Nora who's crying and tells her how it's annoying her, then begins to comfort her.When her husband returns, he finds her whispering "I finally got out of here" to the wallpaper.Moira continues to tell Vivien that men will always find reasons to lock women away.Vivien expresses that she is not crazy, and that Nora was really in the house. He is dining with his friend Peggy and seeks her advice.Moira and Marcy try to dissuade her from this notion and explain it rationally, but Vivien is convinced someone is trying to make her feel like she's crazy. He says that Patrick has been distant lately and explains that the renovations to the house have put them under a lot of stress. 2011: Six Months Ago As the Harmons move in, Nora is distraught that someone has changed her house.She collapses into a chair and starts to weep for her baby as a man comforts her.

2010: Halloween Tate dons the Rubber Man suit, before starting to drown Chad in the bobbing apple barrel.The mystery man approaches the house trash can and retrieves the rubber suit that Ben had thrown away. His motivation is to get Vivien pregnant so that Nora can have a baby.The door to Ben and Vivien's bedroom opens, and Vivien is inside rubbing lotion on her legs. Afterwards, Ben returns to the bedroom, passing Rubber man on the stairs, and both Vivien and Ben in a daze tell each other they love the other. Present Vivien, Moira and Marcy are talking in the kitchen.They get in the car, but the ghosts of Fiona and Dallas are in the backseat, and they scare them from the car. Vivien throws the rubber mask at Ben, but he denying ever wearing it.Ben confronts Vivien for trying to take Violet away from him. Violet lies about what she saw the previous night, saying she confirmed her mother's story because it was what her mother wanted.

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Ben tells Violet he has been informed that she has not been at school for the last two weeks and asks her why she missing classes.

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