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The many myths about sexual violence, combined with the low prosecution rate, means that women often minimise what has happened or think they may be blamed or that they are to blame for the assault.They may try to conceal it and be reluctant to disclose through shame or fear.Sexual assault covers other forms of frightening and distressing sexual violence.There is a misconception that rape and sexual assault are usually carried out by strangers and involve force, yet in most cases, assaults are carried out by someone known to the victim.Based on a lack of alternatives and often on coercion, such activities are rarely a ‘free’ or ‘vocational’ choice.It considers that the exploitation of women through these forms of ‘entertainment’ legitimises negative attitudes towards women and is inextricably linked to gender inequality and sexual violence.Unlike other crimes, victims are often held responsible for sexual violence.Recent surveys have shown high levels of blame relating to alcohol intake, style of dress, flirting and sexual history.

You can take steps towards breaking the cycle of abuse.

The threat of violence or death is often used by rapists to force women to comply.

In fact, the law only requires that threats of physical violence were made.

Regardless of the governments expressed commitment to tackling issues of sexual exploitation, the Home Office estimates that around 80,000 people in the UK are still involved in prostitution.

Reducing the number of vulnerable men and women who end up in the prostitution trade and challenging this culture of sexual exploitation will require action from every sector of society, not just the government.

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