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[Read: 30 naughty truth or dare questions for a really sexy night] #7 Strip pong.Strip pong is a kinky variation of the classic beer pong, where instead of gulping shots, the unlucky loser removes an article of clothing.Mechanics: First, each player is assigned a partner randomly by drawing lots *preferable male to female*.The host then plays a video of a dance step that the players must mimic, while holding one end of a spaghetti stick in their mouth.Here are some flirty party ideas for you to try at home.Follow the rules or twist them, according to your crowd’s taste, and make your house party a night to remember.

Mechanics: First, the participants are split according to gender. The opposing team is then given a specific item, which they hide on their person.A kinky deviation from your usual game of twister, where instead of a twister mat, you have a live human body to put your paws onto.Materials: Twister set, colored paper circles, and tape.If the spaghetti breaks while they are dancing, they will continue to the next round, using the longer portion of the broken spaghetti stick.Each succeeding round will feature more vigorous and difficult dance steps, as the players struggle to keep up, while taking care not to break the spaghetti.

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