Ernarti picture

Ernarti picture

Y returned from honey- J moon spent at Coulnntta Ha. On the inme date Mtiryurtt Ohap- nu Un Burbnrn Gordun. and fatt Mr, John TWO dances on Deromtwr 33, X when Mr, ond Mrf. and Barbara Jones bus dance at her hrmie ji Brfllf.-jp Hit! r-anit mrrht, David Ooacutnd will have dinner riancr at R audi ft on December 30. Jill Pruttpe ct'Iebri Ltm birthday with lunrhcun pui'ty at home of her parents, the Clraham prat Tima.

That tn* pretty cute of you tear-rung alicker 'o play -Dixie' for Lhe Southern lour." She'd tlxed It. Her heart pounded an gumewherc In the 4Wamp a far ! - The Lxpa L pawrd over a long and overhanging .'I! " "Year Naiii Hcctur "Well, your blends tried scleral hnnptt&b In a hurry mid couldn't i ud any room So they brought ran here. "I'll pop my head in, trnm time to time." "Oh, I hope •a" raid Hector, ■That's what I live for,'** Variutm giria cjicoe to cull Flower* and books came, and unc waif neut a nnir nf b Rby ahocsi Tied with biue ribbon. But Stella thoujcht it wai because Slicker wan dumb No use trying to sleep wirh that, honking and barking going an a he gul up and put on her seersucker tube find went out to (he other trailer Sure month. „ „ „ jc « o| ^ ^ ^ an(f BRITISH MEDICAL LABORATORIES. Hioids will reach you by mail Keep a Ma* of 0* ,,„n,ber of p,,,,,, no(r „ mil ^ b Mf ^ ^ - 1 .'. For that matter Uir d»w art- rno Kt ununited lu mndrm Lrt Lithport t,r Llinc nfw Uirn In ■ dnuufr-drrkrr hui In full ikirt 11 Intbe* frniu thr ctuund Is really liaxartiuti* Jtti fact. Mt Jln Mr mini r^HV irnrtf anil ;h.ntu|i r Aruutrknu! from whoue ehndow fhtrangc and spiky vegeta- tion neetned to brittle Her cratid fm their cheeked the boal 'What do ynu itec'" "Spikcir she said. " And preacu Uy the heron lot her fined him Adventure seemed to have ftiven ber grandfather new strength, but he roraarked that Hfter a man W*a elghly he mlftht mill maintain that he knew whnt he was doing, but that fie couidu'l talk himself out of the I Act that it took him too )ouk Hence the cottage rose very slowly ihnugh lt rose strongly "Don't w-ant tn cut our own lim- ber," her grandfather Mid. Bill had the Utile pterin pushed up against the side af the trailer fur shnde. "Sankey'a Seal*." which wax puinletl on the trader in flnm- biiy Diii uftlor and style wu trying Ui cajole Sltdter into playing "My Country. miniature piano with big keys, and above the keys, along the place where the nmrie melt would nor- mally be there was mounted a series, of colored rubber bulbs These bulbs were parts of horns which looked like r Ud-ra^ikuied mmmublle horn a And when Slicker propped himself up on the bench tjrlfn bill flippers, and prcsaed hi* none a Rain it the rubber hulls*, the sound wnulri blare, out. Slicker pushed h U nose against one horn mid thru livelier and yet ann-Ther. '" Sle Ua anked 'Now, Stellar Reproach Was In Bill's voice. You muit kh- courage htm tnto it.'" u Iki you realise. Look whbt they ean do with a medium-.' ball/ 1 "Yea/' Bob emiceded. If yuu do iittisner up stair* an our mornmg biii rmwsdsys ytra And ffwir and f**er wompn. to use a Itu He L dtwrt Wup a conrft Tt hy a Sydney mui Ucnl group— a pminmnt* fil Uurk-h Jtrd, Btndemith. ^.ifrati., V heleno rubiniteln talon Maria Vadat fly. 82 CASTLf REAGH ST., SYDNEY M 3 1 6 0 Page 21 National Library of Australia WKD AT BROMPTON ORATORY. Bill tfnthctcd him In his, arms and hugged end hqueeied him And the crowd was ruiiusetl liv tlinl too "T told you he dumb 1 said all along mat he was tryiiir to piny Aomethln R " Bill could boa'cr now, Stella said running. The thing Is, Bob/' Bill said expansively " Lh n i you munt lute Lhcin just hfie yfiur o»i fle^ili und bluiad. She wa** luri- I'Uii with hrrself, Bhe had flicr.1 things properly nowl J5he was stuck with these * n : forever. The three of Lhem watched Hob O l^eary cume towards them acnwi the lot,. Then theyll do anything lor you bt Vl that right Stella? I i Page 7 OPO-fi O-NO CREAM STOPS PERSPIRATION TPOUBW* FASTER OUO-RO-NO CREAM National Library of Australia ( it 0^ Tbfrr'n u tin. wtm miikm ihv u Hfitrrf tlut fc.-rp on pvinp ihut [i-hferi tlinincmir L, five marr time lor Irininj fur jll llir ilm- «f 1 ho Nmr V Evrrv \urtralitu boow Twtl*: knnwh Hitfpoinl Ktnlrir Stfrviuit- mil rlull I felt ii •f Milcd m) n^iainim- I vru oomuk'li-lt ■flxwraj M!

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I have only Aidted you out to dinner," She blushed aliichtly and si Mhed "I don't Ilk* to go out to dinner with young mm like you, &]* said ■ becniw you might posilbly auk me to s;a out to dinner agjiln notne time." He wa* baffled "Very ptiwlbly," he aaid. I think it would be safe to say that ynu coutd count on It." . Then you might n£k coe to go to a play, or eoniethlnu Like [.hat, In the tnldd Je. Ml be iherc " She ruminated, then looked muc- chlevou Aly eaf KTtmenul. Brian Cratrtey end hit pretty bride, formerly Pat Fmner.

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