Anal sex hookup

Anal sex hookup

So my first question is once deciding to hook up randomly (not judging) and knowing anal is going to be involved, how to you plan to prepare for that because you didn't do so before hand?That's assuming that the guys are not versatile, in which case if they are how does that work in deciding who does what and if you are prepared?A man and a woman are naturally sexually compatable (well, on the most basic level, that is), and it's probably a little less messy than anal sex would be.However, I don't think there's a difference in the way you approach STI/HIV concerns when you hook up.Also oral sex can be intimate but not more so that actual penetration, which if your hooking up with someone is most likely going to happen(assuming).Again I feel that we still need to be more concerned because we have to make sure we are clean because its the only form of penetration we have versus straight couples who have two options and this just doesn't seem fair to me.A forum for peer support and informal advice on matters related to physical and sexual health.

Its a bit long sorry) Two guys are on a first date and its going well, well enough that they deicide to hook up.Neither knew that they were going to do so before hand it just they just felt the connection and choose to. Like I said I'm very inexperience with sex and no experience with dating at all) Obviously outside of oral sex, one would top and the other would bottom.As I said before they did not now before hand they this would happen.I am assuming that in this situation that the two people would not have to worry as much about some of these issues that the 2 men would right?I just really want to hear you guys thoughts and opinions on this kind of stuff because not only am I lacking in experience, I am also trying to come to terms with my sexuality and its rough.

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Realistically, neither you nor the other person can actually know for certain that the other is STD free.

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